Kitchens And Bathrooms: The 2 Most Popular Home Remodels

Kitchen Before And After

If you own a home it’s a pretty good assumption that you will take on at least one major remodeling project. Whether it is a cracked counter, outdated linoleum flooring, hideous wallpaper or an outdated bathroom, things go out of date or disrepair and need to be replaced. The two top remodel projects in a home are the kitchen and bathroom. But this does not mean they are the right remodel project for you.

When considering a home remodel you want to start with the one that will improve the quality of your life. According to Integrity Restoration, Kitchens and bathrooms will have the best financial return on your investment, but any home remodeling project will most likely add value to your property.

You never know what the next home owner will treasure in your home, but one thing is for sure, a remodeled home is going to sell quicker than one down the street that is outdated.

Minor Home Remodeling
A home remodel project does not have to involve floor plans and extensive planning. It can be as simple as adding storage cabinets, replacing that outdated wallpaper, upgrading your floors or redecorating a room. You may also want to consider spreading your money around and not try to focus in on one area. This is perfect for home owners that have some extra cash put aside and want to spruce up their house, but do not have one specific area that needs remodeling.

If you need help on where to begin, you might want to consider hiring an interior designer to come and give you a consultation. Their problem solving strategies and trained eye can give you ideas for your home that you overlooked or never thought of.